The monster of professionals questioning our diagnosis reared it’s ugly head again this week, Wendy Mitchell comments in her blog.

This week saw the first meeting of the Age UK, Sheffield Age Friendly City Project, Steering Group.

Originally, Sheffield Council attempted to make the city Dementia Friendly but appears to have chosen to removed the stigmatising, exclusive label of Dementia Friendly City to a more inclusive one of Age Friendly City.

The Statement on Visit to the United Kingdom, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights – 16 November 2018 was published online, a damming commentary on people living in poverty and with disabilities.

Sadly, the Government doesn’t appear to agree with the statement but the facts back up Sir Philip’s comments and hopefully the UN will now put pressure on the UK to fully incorporate International Law via the UN Conventions.

Maybe they will focus less on tax cuts for the rich and crack down on tax avoidance. It was reported this week that footballer Ngolo Kante pays more tax than Amazon or Starbucks, really reader.

The rich are getting richer to the detriment of people living in poverty and with disabilities.

It’s sounds simple I know reader, even Communist Russia had a small minority of fat cats whilst the rest of the population lived in relative poverty, so much for the Communism ethos of all being equal.

Recently, I was at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital about a Hearing Test and Hyperacusis

It is important to remember reader that issues with noise as well as hearing loss can have an effect on the quality of life for people living with Dementia.

Finally congratulations to Rhys Dalton and Kayla Whitten, now Mr & Mrs Dalton, who were married yesterday. Rhys’ mother Maria Turner is a friend and board member of Dementia Alliance International.

Maria arranged for the wedding to be broadcast so that members could attend from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Canada online.

What’s On

If you are from the LBGT community, have a diagnosis of Dementia and live in or around Manchester, The LBGT Dementia Network have a support Group tomorrow evening, 26th November 19:30 to 21:00. Details here

Tuesday 27th November Sheffield Age UK Dementia Group Sessions

Wednesday 28th November, is a Dementia Alliance International Webinar about “Rehabilitation for Dementia: Evidence & Opportunities” Presented by Associate professor Lee-Fay Low from the University of Sydney. More information and tickets here.

If you live in or around Bury there is the Pride in Caring – Celebrating Older LGBT+ People event at the Town Hall on Thursday 29th November 10:00 to 14:00 details here


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