Behaviour Change Ahead? – Was it Different in 1995

Probably one of the first Dementia Advocates, Christine Bryden was diagnosed with Dementia in 1995 at the age of 46 and became a pioneering dementia advocate, speaking at national and international conferences and campaigning for self-advocacy.


In her latest book ‘Will I Still Be Me?’ (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, August 2018…) she challenges the idea of loss of self in dementia and explains how a continuing sense of self is possible after diagnosis and as the condition develops.

“Yes I find it really hard to tell you all the events in my life but they don’t have to stretch over a whole long time, I can tell you the meaning of the moment and that’s just as meaningful.”Christine Bryden, July 2018

Talking in her experiences in 1995, you will hear that, everything has changed, but nothing has changed in this video


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