I recently went to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for a hearing test and to see what hearing protectors would be appropriate for my Hyperacusis.

I arrived in plenty of time and was greeted at Reception by someone I had worked with in Out Patients.

I was taken to a room where the Audiologist clearly explained what the tests were going to be and how I would press a button when I heard sounds.

Knowing I have Dementia, she reminded me to press the button during the tests which was helpful.

That done, I went to the waiting room to wait to see the Consultant.

After a few minutes I was taken into another room where Professor Ray was waiting for me.

I had met him several times when he had presented some new research on hearing and Dementia to the South Yorkshire Dementia Research Advisory Group, of whom I am a member, as part of the PPI commitment for his research funding application.

I explained about the issues I have been having with noise and how they can affect my abilities and cause headaches.

He informed me that I had no significant hearing loss, my hearing being good for my age and we discussed the issues I am having with noise.

I was introduced to Clare Marris and we went to her office to discuss Hearing Protectors.

The upshot of our discussion was that I would have these, with the version that cuts out lower noise sounds.

music ear plugs

and Clare took some moulds of my ears.

They can be found on the manufacturers website here

Next month I will have the protectors fitted and it will be interesting to see if they are more effective than the noise cancelling headphones I currently use, especially at events where sounds can be an issue.

If you are having issues with noise, it is important that you see your GP and insist on a referral to your local Audiology Department.

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