Things have improved for me Dementia wise as the week has gone on and I am slowly getting down to things that need to be done.

On Tuesday, I was at the Hospital for a hearing check. My hearing is fine, no significant hearing loss, it is just my Hyperacusis that is an issue.

I am going to have some hearing protectors that filter out lower sounds like these

music ear plugs


Wednesday, I was in Nottingham for a Trent Dementia event supported by DEEP UK

This week, Sir Philip Alston’s United Nations visit to investigate poverty and disability abuses in the UK has come to an end.

On Thursday, he spoke to  Disability News Service more details here

On Friday, Sir Philip gave a briefing Video – Sir Philip Alston Presents the Preliminary Findings of His Investigation Into the UK

We will not know the full extent of the report until June.

Sadly, seemingly there are still those that think things have changed, the government think they are doing a good job but would they walk in our shoes.

Also this week a  New Channel 4 Cafe in Bristol run by people living with Dementia started.


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