Channel 4 are making a programme in Bristol, about a cafe run by people living with Dementia.

It is open to the public, if you wish to give it a try, email:

Taking part are 2 Dementia Alliance International members Lorayne Burgess and Peter Berry.

It will show how the perceptions of the Media, Professionals and society about a diagnosis of Dementia can be wrong.

With people being diagnosed at an earlier age, we can continue to live our lives within the limits of our diagnosis, we can travel, work, speak at events, contribute to society and advocate for change.

With the proper inclusion of the United Nations Conventions and the inclusion of people living with Dementia and their caregivers to develop new services and systems, we can still make a contribution.

Being diagnosed at an earlier stage does not necessarily have to be the beginning of the end, it can be the end of the beginning.

Norman MacNamara has agreed to me including his Facebook post here about the Cafe

Many of you will remember I / We the Purple Angel Dementia Campaign was asked to advise on a new programme idea by Channel Four about a new restaurant opening in Bristol which is run by those living with dementia.

(These are the guys who made the incredible programme CARE HOMES FOR FOUR-YEAR-OLDS which has just aired and was an incredible success, if you haven’t seen it please go to I player) I am so pleased to say this is now happening and opening very soon as you can see on the poster, and if YOU WANT TO DINE THERE YOU CAN !!!, Please read the poster and get in touch with them. To be asked to advise on this by such prestigious people who had, in the past made incredible informative programmes was indeed an honor, and good to their word, have kept in touch ever since with Updates. people often ask me if we have made any progress in the last ten years or so, and my answer is a resounding YES . TRUE, we still have a long way to go, but we have come so far and its up to us to carry this on until the day a cure is found Norrms Mc Namara ~ Founder of Global Purple Angel dementia campaign
This is the e mail i have just received
Hi Norrms,
I hope you’re very well.
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how we’re getting on with the Channel 4 documentary where a group of people living with young on-set Dementia will be running a restaurant in Bristol city centre.
We have a wonderful group of volunteers and they’ve thrown themselves into it wholeheartedly. They’ve been learning new skills from the chefs and have become a tight-knit group very quickly. It’s lovely to see.
The doors to the restaurant open at the end of this week .
I also wondered if you could be so kind as to share our flyer? I’ve attached it so you can see it. We’re looking for more people to come and experience the restaurant first-hand.
Anyway, let me know your thoughts. And as always, thank you for your help.
Many thanks,
Camilla Findlay I Assistant Producer I CPL Productions Ltd”


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