The United Nations Investigation Into Poverty and Disabilities in the UK – Part 2

Part 1 was a general look at inequality and rights abuses. Today is the turn of accessability.

The Equality Act 2010, gives everyone with a disability the right to reasonable adjustments, or at least it should do.

Barriers to accessing buildings and transport are still an issues in 21st Century Britain.

Reasonable Adjustments, Public Building access, the 6 inch gap ans the Rejected Amendment

Train Companies that issue guidance not to delay a train if a disabled person needs assistance getting onto a train or having disabling policies.

Rail staff told not to help disabled passengers board if it makes train late Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:

Anger as wheelchair users left unable to ride trains on major route

Train company faces calls to rip up scooter policy after latest ‘shameful’ episode

Government repeatedly ignores its own advisers on ‘toxic’ train access

Even so called Benefit assessment centres may have stairs or Intercoms unreachable by a person with a disability or in a wheelchair.

Lack of wheelchair access or access to a wheelchair.

I’ve been told to wait three years for a wheelchair that ‘can go outside’

In a wheelchair and want your benefits? You’ll need to take the stairs

There is a lot of talk but not a lot of action on inequality and rights abuses.

Part 3 looks at the Autumn Budget.











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