It was good to see the top 100 Women of Influence recognised in Australia last week.

Since I began to live with my diagnosis, many of the people that have inspired me have been women.

Catalina Devandas – United Nations

Katrin Seeher – World Health Organisation

Paola Barbarino – Alzheimer’s Disease International

Kate Swaffer – Dementia Alliance International

Adelina Comas Herrera – STRIDE Dementia Project

Sue Bott – Disability Rights UK

Wendy Mitchell, Jayne Goodrick, Katy Styles, Agnes Houston – Advocates

and many others.

Yesterday in Pittsburgh, religious intolerance reared its ugly head again, recent examples of Police racial brutality, attacks on the LBGT and BAME communities continue.

Maybe human history would be different if it wasn’t for the Testosterone fuelled politics of our forefathers.

Will the human race in 100 years look back in pride or shame, or will the history books be rewritten as in the past to leave a utopian view of our present.

Where will it all end.

This Week

Monday was an important day for Young Onset Dementia in Sheffield. I was on an interview panel with Donna Chadwick for a Coordinator for Sheffield which Young Dementia UK is funding and who will be involved in setting up two support groups. one for each side of the city and which will include caregivers.

Sadly it is another example where our right under the UN conventions to equality of support and services are not upheld by healthcare systems around the world.

Tuesday, I was teaching at Sheffield University alongside Jane McKeown in a session for their MA in Dementia Studies with another session due in the new year.

It was an opportunity to share my experiences and to hopefully give an insight into the challenges of an early diagnosis.

On Wednesday, Catherine Talbot travelled up from Exeter for “The Twitter Use of People Living with Dementia” Study – Part 2

A simple example of taking part in research.

Thursday was time to recharge, time with family. As my challenges increase, the need for rest increases.

Friday, I was at BBC Radio Sheffield, with a couple of friends to discuss doing a BBC Podcast around Dementia.

Next week sees the 28th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Barcelona titled “Making Dementia a European priority” with many important contributions from people living with Dementia including Chri Roberts, his wife Jayne and Shelagh Robinson.


Announcement – Exciting new part time vacancy from DEEP UK in Shropshire

Closing Date 12th November 2018


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