Yesterday, Catherine Talbot traveled up from Exeter for the second interview with me for her research study.

It was a sunny but cold day, not bad for her journey and she arrived on time, which isn’t bad going having travelled by train.

I agreed to the interview being recorded and we began.

We started with the obligatory cognitive testing and a couple of questionnaires about daily life.

After a short break, we moved on to the questions Catherine had prepared about how my use of Twitter had changed in the last 6 months, the good and the bad of being on Twitter.

Using Twitter Analytics, we discussed how some months had more tweets than others and I explained that a lot had to do with how busy I was and the challenges of my Dementia.

The last part involved discussing 10 of my tweets and the reasons for them and then we were done.

All in all, it was all done in about an hour, basically a simple conversation, no Frankenstein style testing.

Catherine will return in April for the third and final part of my involvement in her study.

Another example of how simple research can be.