This week

It was a quieter start to the week by Wednesday, Hidden Disabilities had once again made the news

On Thursday I met with Donna Chadwick from Young Dementia UK to discuss the interviews next week for the Care Coordinator role for Sheffield and on Friday we went to Graves Park Health and Sports Centre to look at facilities for a young onset Dementia Support Group, things are beginning to happen in Sheffield.

Yesterday, I published an article about Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and Dementia which looked at how something as simple as a UTI could lead someone down the pathway of BPSD to Chemical/Physical Restraint, Safeguarding/Sectioning and Involuntary care.

The Law and Dementia

74-year-old St Annes care home resident accused of pushing woman, 87, down flight of stairs

This weekend there is an article about legal capacity reform in Peru


There is a research opportunity for people living alone with Dementia in the UK


First part of £100m transformation of health and social care announced


Announcement – Exciting new part time vacancy from DEEP UK in Shropshire

Closing Date 12th November 2018


Peter Berry’s 68th Weekly Video

Stephen Tamblin’s 24th Weekly Video

Welsh Transport Improvements


A poem that speaks volumes about loved ones in care by David Hill

Blog of The Week

How do you treat someone with an invisible disability ?

“One of the last times I got the train home to Cornwall, I was bullied by one of the platform staff at my destination, who then gleefully dared me to report her. I wouldn’t, she implied, because I was gaming the system. My crime? I’d booked assistance to help lift my small case and shopping bag – and I didn’t look ill.”