Dementia Diaries is organised by Philly Hare and Rachel Niblock of Innovations in Dementia CIC.

It is a fantastic community of people living with Dementia who make audio diaries that are uploaded to the Dementia Diaries website:

The diaries can be about anything in the life of a person with Dementia. They can be a good or bad experience, musings about the weather or an event in their lives, the only restriction is that they are under 2 minutes.

The diaries are now being used widely including Dementia Friends sessions and Dementia training.

The diaries have now expanded to include “Dementia Diaries Live” where 3 of the diarists spend about 20 minutes reading from a number of diary entries, which could be on stage, in a school or anywhere appropriate.

You will find contact details on the website if you are interested in “Dementia Diaries Live”.