Human Rights and their abuses are at the fore once again this week.

Disability News UK reported that the Government blocked user led groups being involved in the Global Mental Health Summit.

Having originally being told I would be attending I was told that the Summit was more about Mental Health and was unable to attend. Strange as the World Health Organisation still recognises that Dementia is a Mental Health condition, even though the UN recognises Dementia as a Cognitive Disability.

Disability News UK article here

Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2 examples are:

Article 21 – Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information

Article 29 – Participation in political and public life

The CRPD is international Law, the UK is bound by International Law and the UK recognises the CRPD as International Law, yet it still will not fully incorporate the CRPD into UK Law.

When people speak out, they have their benefits stopped and the Government puts gagging clauses in it’s contracts with charities. So who really speaks for us!!

Charities gagged by Ministers over Universal Credit

Has society not learnt anything from the last 100 years .

This week

Monday saw me off to London for an event with Matt Hancock the Health secretary and others about the long term NHS plan. Also there were Chris and Jane Roberts, George Rook and Hannah Fitzgibbon from the Alzheimer’s Society, 3 Nations Dementia Working Group, Steering Group.


Tuesday and Wednesday I was at local Memory Cafe’s.

Thursday, I tried to catch up with Social Media and emails.

Friday I did a Video for a Mental Health forum next month in London.

Yesterday was World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. Palliative Care is something that should be available to everyone, regardless of post code or disease, even people in the so called end stage of Dementia need Palliative care.

The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance published 6 letters from women about the importance of Palliative Care.

I was also in London to meet Kate Swaffer at the Bloomsbury Hotel where we talked about life Dementia and Human Rights.



Research Opportunity


Young Dementia UK have announced a new Care Coordinator and 3 volunteers in Sheffield

also Night care services reduced to one

I had stage 4 cancer, and chemo had taken my hair but I was deemed fit for work

Sheffield Mum left sobbing over disability benefit

Sheffield Young Carers are hosting an Interactive Showcase and AGM on Tuesday 30th October 2-4pm at Sheffield City College, Granville Road, Sheffield S2 2RL. Join them to see what they’ve been doing and how you could get involved.

Stop The Clock


Announcement – Exciting new part time vacancy from DEEP UK in Shropshire


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This weeks blog

Is Rebecca Kellett’s article for Alzheimer’s Scotland Interaction, activity, distress and Dementia