Firstly a poem by Guy Cheales from 2014 called “Can Do”

People don’t want to know
what you are doing,
or how you do it,
or how you learned it,
or what you DID do.

People want to know,
what you are doing now,
or what you can do,
AND what you WILL DO, for them,
and how what you do,
is going to
and thus,
enable THEM,
to do what THEY,
MOST want to accomplish.

This week

On Monday, I travelled down to London with Damian Murphy of Innovations in Dementia CIC for the 9th National Memory Services Forum at the Royal College of Psychiatrists the next day.

So to Tuesday and the Forum. It was an excellent event and the people that attended, understand the importance and empowerment of Post-Diagnosis Support, Services, Assessments and Rehabilitation and which reduces the reliance on chemical restraint.

Wednesday was a recovery day and on Thursday, my daughter Evelyn drove me down to Kent where we spent the day with another of my daughters, Katrina and her family.

It was also a sad day, as early evening we went to a Service of Celebration for my Auntie Pamela, who sadly lost her fight with Cancer recently.

As the song goes, “you don’t know what you’ve lost, till it’s gone”

The Negative Narrative of Dementia

On Wednesday I wrote an article about the negative perceptions of Dementia

and yesterday I wrote an article about the Use of the term Behaviour


On Video

Peter Berry’s 66th weekly video is now available on YouTube

Stephen Tamblin’s 22nd video on Facebook

Dementia Alliance International’s Webinar But you don’t look like you have Dementia

A Recent “Hello, My Name is” blog by Dementia Alliance International has a blog by a wonderful woman called Christine Thelker, who has rebuilt her life with Dementia and found happiness

In The News

On Wednesday, Karolina Kaminska published an article in the Express newspaper giving a Utopian view of post-diagnosis support in Dementia

Disability News Service Charities silence on Universal Credit deaths, hours after Minister announces 51m funding

In The Blogs

Karen Towes Thoughts about ageing: Rescripting life may include dementia

Raymond Duffy writes about the new BBC Music Memories site

In Closing

This week sees the World Dementia Council meeting in London which will hopefully encourage governments to fully integrate the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) into National Law and healthcare systems.

The UK recognises the CRPD as International law but hasn’t fully integrated it into legislation or healthcare, I wonder why that is reader.

“Rant Wednesday” returns this week and another “Behaviour Change Ahead” on Saturday, where I will refer to behaviours as emotions and BPSD (The Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia) as ERD (The Emotional Responses of Dementia) until someone comes up with a better term.

Have a good week