I start Septembers round up with Wendy Mitchell’s A Letter to Those in Power

Patient engagement in Dementia: extra support leads to informed contributions

Salzburg statement on innovations in Dementia care and Dementia Friendly communities

Please stop staring at my Mum when she has a tantrum

Ageing without Agency: Rethinking old age with Professor Paul Higgs UCL

Communication, what makes it work?

I’m not declining into an old woman

Why does change take so long

People with Dementia are too often undertreated for pain

Context is everything with Antipsychotics and the elderly

7 Elements of a Proper Diagnosis

Imagine, a poem for World Alzheimer’s Day

Understaffed Nursing Homes force residents into incontinence

It’s World Alzheimer’s Day

Why diagnosing Alzheimer’s today is so difficult – and how we can do it better

10 ways to make your home Dementia Friendly

The value of being involved in research

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio, Talks to Peter Berry, Who is Living with Dementia

Dementia Alliance International published a daily members blog for World Alzheimer’s blog which are titled

“Hello, My Name Is…”

I will leave it to Philly Hare, Shelagh Robinson, George Rook, and Wendy Mitchell to sum up September

Why Dementia Must Be seen as a Disability

Too tired to blog but too angry and despairing not to

A Few Odd Moments

Human rights do not depend on funding, they are fundamental

Munchausen by Dementia

Clearly we have much still to do…