New BMA Guidance

British Medical Association wants to allow doctors to starve Mentally Disabled patients to death

New draft guidance from the BMA: will enable doctors to dehydrate and sedate to death large numbers of non-dying patients with dementia, Stroke or brain damage

Is the BMA introducing back door Euthanasia

Leaked BMA guidance gives medics permission to play God

BMA: “Let doctors euthanise Dementia Patients”


Dangerous antipsychotic medicine being over-prescribed for elderly patients

Antipsychotic drugs are rarely effective in calming Dementia patients


Humiliating Benefits assessments must end after woman forced to crawl up DWP stairs

The DWP just sunk to it’s most disgraceful moment to date

DWP’s secret death reviews: Investigation into deaths doubles in two years

The DWP had been forced to admit people are dying under Universal Credit

Universal Credits hidden cuts push Disabled people into poverty


Social and Economic Rights are Human Rights and we need to start taking them seriously

Medical Consent, What do human rights have to do with it?

Bill on Mental Capacity and Liberty Protection, will take rights backwards

Are Human Rights only for the rich?

An Australian Perspective on UN disability development

Stop Dehumanising the Disabled


Labour Conference: Marsha Da Cordova calls for an alternative to Universal Credit

Disability Labour Co-Chair: It’s not Brexit that I fear, It’s the Tory Government

When it comes to the mistreatment of people, the Tories really are the “Nasty” Party

The behaviour of Julia Hartley-Brewer “caused considerable distress” to people at the Labour Party conference, including disabled party members with autism and anxiety conditions.

£1bn in unpalatable county council cuts ahead in

Plans for new Scottish Disability Support Set Out

Global care crisis set to affect 2.3 billion people warns UN labour agency


NHS should expand social prescribing, says Health secretary

A&E’s overcrowded and understaffed


Abuse taking place in 99% of care homes, amid chronic underfunding, survey shows

Sydney nursing home worker spared jail over attack on Dementia patient

Other News

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Dementia risk for most people in polluted areas is 40 per cent higher, Scientists warn

Ministers drop plans for parallel process on working age social care 

My life isn’t over just because I have Dementia, stop treating me like it is

The Other Place Review: Rage, Confusion, Compassion in a Dementia Drama

World Alzheimer’s Day to be celebrated with launch of new calendar

Dementia symptoms get better in the summer and autumn, scientists find

Enabled, not disabled, candidates run to raise disability awareness

Are we really on the brink of a cure for Alzheimer’s

World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated with launch of new calendar