Today’s re-blog as part of World Alzheimer’s Month focuses on an article by Susan Macaulay which comments on Is your Dementia glass half empty or half full?

“Like most people, I saw Alzheimer disease and other dementias as a terrible tragedy in which those who live with dementia are on a journey that is nothing more than a long slow, tortuous train through hell – a journey in which they are robbed of their very selves as they disappear into a black hole of oblivion. I was mistaken in those beliefs. Today, based on my experience with people who live with dementia, I see the disease and those who have it in a completely different light.

But I was right about one thing. On November 16, 2012, a little over a year after I came back to Canada from Dubai, Mom was placed in a long-term care facility. Once I saw the reality of institutional care, I again abandoned my own life plan to stay close by her side and be her advocate.”

Is your Dementia glass half empty or half full