It’s September, it’s Worlds Alzheimer’s Month but in the Hilton Hotel in Sheffield, Christmas has arrived this week


Not only there but in a Tesco’s in London, they are selling Christmas chocolates and cards

Tesco1    Tesc02

It’s not even Halloween/Bonfire Night/Advent yet…

Back to more important matters, this week, World Alzheimer’s Month continues, which is a global campaign aimed at destigmatizing Dementia, raising awareness and combating misinformation about the disease.

Coordinated by Alzheimer’s Disease International, the Alzheimer’s Month campaign was launched in 2012 and includes Alzheimer’s day, which is held Sept. 21.

Sadly, people, society and the media  still sigmatize Dementia after years of campaigning and awareness raising. Six years ago Alzheimer’s Disease International released a report about  Overcoming Stigma.

The article Stigma of Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia By Shana D. Stites, PsyD, MS, MA and Jason Karlawish, MD, discusses how Clinicians can address the challenges of stigma in routine clinical practice.

This week, there is some coverage of new BMA guidance being circulated for consultation to a few of it’s members.

“So in summary, the guidance decrees that dementia, stroke and brain injured patients who lack mental capacity but are not imminently dying can be starved and dehydrated to death in their supposed ‘best interests’.”

From what I have read from various sources, there are no plans for public consultation and combined with the new Liberty Protection Safeguard, on the face of it, poses a huge threat to people living with Dementia.

Something I will be investigating further.

Dementia Alliance International continues it’s daily blog series “Hello, My Name is…” , with today’s article being about George Chong K.L., recognised as Singapore’s first Dementia Advocate, you can read the article here

Also, this week saw a video released by Kate Swaffer and Dementia Alliance International, which was recorded specifically as a video presentation for the 9th Biennial Lancaster Disability Studies Conference from 11-13 September, 2018.

“Dementia Activism: Human Rights and disAbility” by Kate Swaffer


Today’s re-blog as part of World Alzheimer’s Month focuses on an a blog by George Rook, Chair of the Alzheimer’s Society, 3 Nations Dementia Work Group, titled “Human rights do not depend on funding, they are fundamental”

“Lack of funds is not a defence. Human Rights do not depend upon funding. They are fundamental. In actual fact, evidence shows that the elements in this model would save the country more than they cost.”

Human rights do not depend on funding, they are fundamental.

Finally, Peter Berry’s 63rd weekly video is now available on YouTube .