Today’s re-blog as part of World Alzheimer’s Month focuses on an article by Susan Macaulay where she talks about the misprescribing of antipsychotic drugs.

“Despite these long-standing, glaring warnings, physicians continue to prescribe antipsychotic drugs to too many elderly patients with dementia. A report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released in January [2015] documented the scope of the problem: In 2012, about a third of older adults receiving care in nursing homes for more than 100 days were treated with an antipsychotic medication. In addition, among the 1.2 million older adults enrolled in Medicare Part D who were diagnosed with dementia and living outside of nursing homes (for example, in assisted-living facilities or at home), 170,000 (14 percent) were prescribed one of these drugs”

Misprescribing antipsychotic drugs to elderly dementia patients is an outrage. it’s also elder abuse