It’s been another up and down week, some good days, some bad, the same has gone for the weather.

The fog of Dementia combined with the remains of a chest infection providing varied challenges, with Tuesday being particularly challenging.

Wednesday was my birthday bringing with it many birthday wishes and messages from friends around the world.

I am grateful for the Dementia community with it’s support and encouragement which has enabled me to re-engage with life, following my time in the metaphorical dark hole after my diagnosis.

Friday was a more relaxing day, my Daughter Evelyn took me to Holmfirth, home of “Last of the Summer Wine”, where I had a bacon butty in Sid’s Cafe and a photo on Nora Barry’s steps followed by a stop off at Cannon Hall Farm, Farm shop for some fresh produce and an Ice Cream.

Not a major achievement but a nice relaxing day, a bit of relaxation time, something I seem to need more of recently.

This week also brought invitations to join the International Fédération on Ageing and become a WEGO Health Patient Leader.

Yesterday saw the beginning of Worlds Alzheimer’s Month an annual event to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s worldwide, organised by Alzheimer’s Disease International and many other organisations worldwide, including Dementia Alliance International, with World Alzheimers Day on the 21st September.

It was disappointing yesterday to see only one newspaper article in a local paper in Ireland and no mention on the television news, their websites or national newspapers here in the UK about World Alzheimer’s Month.

Obviously, the lives of people living with Dementia, their carers/family and raising awareness are not newsworthy to the shame of the media. It will be interesting what coverage they bring or lack of it during the rest of September.

A daily series of blogs for World Alzheimer’s Month are being published about members of Dementia Alliance International.

Sadly there is still a lack of coverage in the media for World Alzheimer’s Month.

That is all for today’s musings, I hope you have a good week reader.