It’s been a typical bank holiday weekend, the weather moving from Summer to Autumn, back to Summer and Autumn again this morning at the blink of an eye.

The news that a relative has Cancer and a friends husband has passed away suddenly brings home the fragility of our existence.

I watched a film called “The Notebook” based on a 1996 Nicholas Sparks novel with Gena Rowlands and James Garner, not quite as good as Sill Alice, but still worth a watch.

In my Sunday Musings yesterday, I  commented on Banning the Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) an important topic and campaign.

Care group halves antipsychotic drug use within three months begins

The new trial led by an Admiral Nurse working at Colten Care has put more emphasis on non-pharmaceutical interventions, which the care group believe could potentially “save thousands of lives” if applied nationally.

“Thanks Howard Gordon for supporting our cause and printing the letter we wrote recently to Channel 9 in part 2 of your BPSD article.

Open Letter to Gabriella Rogers and Channel 9, Australia

Kate published it on her blog after we wrote it, and we have also published it on LinkedIn and other sites.

Please feel free to share our words as far and wide as possible. Power in numbers and we really appreciate your voice.

We, the hashtag #BanBPSD Warriors, are finally making the inroads required to challenge the stigmatising and negative behavioural paradigm used to unfairly judge and pigeon hole people living with dementia.

Our first article in the The Australian Journal of Dementia Care (AJDC) has been well received.

We shall pave the foundations for an entire culture change, and become the catalyst to the shift required in publicising to the world that we are now rethinking dementia and are advocating zero tolerate towards the subjective assumptions made about dementia, behaviour and the over medicating/chemical restraint of people who live with dementia.

It is critical that society and the medical profession cease judging and segregating people living with dementia in this manner.

Please see 2 of my supportive articles to further elaborate our ethos and vision:

Challenging the behavioural paradigm – the right to express yourself

Medicated and Motivated – NOT!!!!!! Questioning the abusive practice of chemical restraint.

The banning of BPSD is an important step to bring Dementia care into the 21st century, to empower people living with Dementia not reduce them to the media/society perceptions of Dementia.

A timely diagnosis, removing the media/society perceptions of Dementia leading to the social model of inclusive rights based, state funded, post-diagnosis support and services will remove the need of the medical model of BPSD.

Behaviours are common in any chronic terminal disease, predominately as a palliative symptom and through the medical model should be treated that way.

In an upcoming article, I will talk more about rights based post-diagnosis support.

The media continues with its fake news, scare stories around Brexit (I neither understand or have a view either way) and ill-judged perceptions around Dementia but the campaign to Ban BPSD will grow.

Hopefully this week will be less challenging than the last…


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Sunday Musings 26 Aug 2018

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