On Tuesday, Sheila and I took our Grandson Lucas to Scarborough for the day which was not without it’s challenges.


Dosed up on antibiotics and paracetamol, a taxi took us to the Railway Station where we caught a train to York.

After the obligatory delay we caught our second train to Scarborough, I had my noise cancelling headphones which dulled the roar of the train and the full carriage of ever louder voices that would have challenged me otherwise.

When we got to Scarborough I took the headphones off as they are ok on the train but distract me focusing on the audiobook rather than where I am walking.

Sheila said she knew where we were going but took us on a 30 minute route march first away from the sea front and then towards it by which time my knee pain was in evidence.

We walked down a never ending twist and turn of steep steps with the double challenge that I don’t like heights and walked along the seafront on the opposite side of the road to the beech.

The pavement was full being the side of the road where all the Amusement Arcades, Shops and Cafe’s were. The twisting and turning through the crowds along with the noise of the Arcades increasing the challenges.

After the obligatory Fish and Chips Lucas wanted to go to the Amusement Park and back to the Arcade.

The noisy cafe we had just been in along with a strange smell which I can only put down to one of the tricks of Dementia.

Sometimes I get a smell of metal or burning. This led me to decided to spend the rest of the day on the other side of the road where it was quieter and less people not wanting to spoil Sheila and Lucas’ day.

It was quieter, things calmed down a bit and I was able to sit for long periods resting my knees.

We made our way back along the seafront and then took the Tramway up the hill.


After stopping off in a cafe for a coffee, it was back on the train to York and finally back to Sheffield followed by a Taxi home.