Recently I was back at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital at the Clinical Research Facility for my 3 month appointment for the RADAR Alzheimer’s research study.

My Daughter Evelyn wasn’t with me today, she will be at the 6 month appointment.

As usual they had provided me with a taxi and I arrived in plenty of time for the appointment.

I had my bloods taken and answered the usual questions about how I had been.

Remember reader if I had any problems taking the Losartan, I am to stop immediately and I have phone numbers I can ring 24/7 for advice.

I had my blood pressure checked and the next 3 months tablets were dispensed.

They booked my taxi home and I went to the main entrance to wait for my lift home.

All in all it took about 30 minutes, another example of how easy it is to take part in research.