Following from yesterday, I woke early and once ready got a coffee and sat in the grounds before breakfast, it was a bit cool in the breeze but just right other than that.

It was so relaxing looking down toward the pond


We all gathered for breakfast and after that, Wendy and I sat with Amanda to answer her research questions before the morning session started.

We heard from Fran Hamilton an Occupational Therapist and another Twitter friend I had not met before, who enjoys transcribing the Diaries talking about her experiences and emotions with the Diaries.

After Fran it was time for a “Dementia Diaries Live” performance of some of our diaries with Dory, Wayne and Shelagh, a new idea to bring the diaries to life, something I had done myself last month.

Philly took the final session about opportunities to influence, where the diaries can be used in a way to change peoples perceptions and their awareness of our lives with Dementia.

Then it was a lovely lunch. The food there is wonderful, prepared by the chefs with produce from the estate.

After lunch we were given labels to write a few words about our 2 days which we tied to a tree and then it was the group photo


After that it was time to say our goodbyes, I got a photo with Peter Berry and his wife Teresa. Peter by the way reader does a weekly video on You Tube about his life with Dementia, now in its 59th week.


This links to week 1 of Peter’s videos

Then it was time to wait for our taxi back to the station with Rachel.

We had time to wait so we all met up for coffee, Rachel checking that everyone made it to their trains and a last chance for a photo with Wendy and Dory.


Rachel took us to the escalator for our train, we said our goodbyes and descended to the platform to await our train.

Of course the train was late and later still by the time we got to Sheffield, I left Wendy to wait for her connection and made my way home in a taxi.

It was a wonderful relaxing couple of days with friends old and new but over too soon.

All the time we were there we had left Dementia at the door waiting for our journeys home.

We could be ourselves and make mistakes without being judged, with no one to say “You Don’t Look Like You Have Dementia”

The Dementia Diaries family is truly a community and while we were at Woodbrooke, Dementia was left in the cold while we had a warm feeling of understanding and friendship.

Don’t forget reader to have a listen to some diaries at