Coping Strategies – Self Esteem

This is the fourth of a series of articles about coping strategies, suggested by Truthful Loving Kindness.

I should say reader, at the outset, that I understand that they may not all be suitable for everyone, all our Dementia’s are different in some way and , you may not be able to use some of the things mentioned for whatever reason but I hope it will give a little insight into ways that we can live with our Dementia.

One important part of any coping strategy is to maintain the persons self esteem through their appearance and finding simpler ways of doing things.

Hair Washing – This can be seem claustrophobic, frightening, or recall the memory of childhood bath time or other event. There are shower caps and no rinse hair shampoo’s available like the one I use


Liquid Soap – These may be easier for some to use.

Roll on Deodorant – These may be safer than aerosol versions

Bed Rail – One part goes under the mattress and gives the person something to hold onto as they get in and out of bed

Bed Rail

Leg Lifter – A simple device helps getting legs into bed or even a car that the person can do themselves if able


Grabber – If the person drops something on the floor they may be able to pick it up themselves


Hair – A Hairdresser/Barber is essential, you may find a mobile one locally or the person may prefer to still go to the one they have used for years if appropriate.

Signs – Putting signs on doors to show what is in the room. Signs for toilet’s can be important as the person may get embarrassed asking where the toilet is.


Raised Toilet Seat – For safety and also helps if they struggle getting on or off or they need help.

Raised ToiletSeat

I am not paid or induced in any way to mention any products.

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