This is the third of a series of articles about coping strategies, suggested by Truthful Loving Kindness.

I should say reader, at the outset, that I understand that my suggestions may not all be suitable for everyone, all our Dementia’s are different in some way and , you may not be able to use some of the things mentioned for whatever reason but I hope it will give a little insight into ways that we can live with our Dementia.

In the Kitchen it is all about safety and enablement.

Cooker – I cannot use the oven or hob as I wander off and forget that there is something cooking or turn the gas on without lighting it.

Microwave – For now I am able to get a meal out of the freezer when my wife is at work and put it in the microwave.

Electric Steamer- using an electric steamer with a timer, I cannot cut up veg but I can put them in the steamer.


Slow Cooker – Good for doing many things including joints of beef.


The steamer and slow cooker combined, enable me to take part in cooking a Sunday lunch, my wife prepares the veg, does roast potatoes, carving meat and Yorkshire puds but I can do the rest.

Cleaning Products – In the future my wife may have to move all cleaning products or put a lock on the door,  in case I confuse them with something to eat or drink.

Sharp Knives – I cannot use sharp knives, I cannot use them properly any more and previously I have tried to cut things with the blade upwards.

Ceramic Knives – You can get ceramic knives and they can be quite sharp. I’m not sure whether everyone would be happy using them, some might feel they are being treated like a child (remember reader, we don’t always think logically, we may have gone back to our childhood etc), my personal choice, thinking forward, is that it is safer for me not to use any sharp knives.

Perching Stool – As time goes on I may need a perching stool in the kitchen to enable me to continue to help in the kitchen, even if it’s just doing the washing up.


Adapted Cutlery – In the future I may need adapted cutlery, not just for eating meals but to enable me to do simple things like make a cup of coffee whilst I am still able to do so.

Adapted Cutlery

Whiteboard – We have a whiteboard on the fridge door, for messages, reminders, shopping lists etc.

Cupboards – In the future, I may need photographs on cupboard doors to show what is in the cupboard.

With small changes a person with Dementia can still be empowered to be safely involved in the kitchen.

Next time, I will write about Self Esteem

I am not paid or induced in any way to mention any products.