This is the second of a series of articles about coping strategies, suggested by Truthful Loving Kindness.

I should say reader, at the outset, that I understand that they may not all be suitable for everyone, all our Dementia’s are different in some way and , you may not be able to use some of the things mentioned for whatever reason but I hope it will give a little insight into ways that we can live with our Dementia.

Going out the house can present numerous challenges. I use technology to try and overcome some of it.


Microsoft One Note – I use this when I am going somewhere. I set up a page like this:

The Light Cinema

9, 24 The Moor, Sheffield S1 4PF. Phone: 0114 213 4531


The Light Sheffield


I then have the name, address, telephone number, a mini map and pictures of where I am going.

In the future as my Dementia becomes more challenging, my wife can use this app to show me where we are going maybe adding a picture of inside.

The Light Sheffield 0

Google Maps – The first time I went to the Dementia Cafe in Hillsborough, I got lost and wandered off in the wrong direction. I was off the mini map I had in “One Note” so I opened the Google Maps app which has GPS tracking on it and was able to find my way back.

Find Friends – (Phone only) It enables my wife to know where I am at all times and if I were to get lost, she would be able to hopefully guide me back or direct someone to find me. I know someone who is a long distance carer, who feels this will give them some reassurance.

Taxi App – (Phone only) The app enables me to pre-programme addresses and a debit card in it so for instance their is my home address in it, so if I got lost, could remember the app was there and could remember how to use it, I could find my way home that way.

Headphones – I have noise reducing headphones to off set things like traffic noise, voices etc. When I travelled to York, it could be disorientating/confusing navigating my way through the station, negotiating my way round people and contending with the noise from trains, tannoys and people talking. Busses can also be challenging along with the main road near where I live.


Shoe Laces – In her blog today, Wendy Mitchel writes about a simple solution to tying shoe laces

Next time, I will write about In the Kitchen

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