Post-Diagnosis Support

This article will be gradually updated as I learn more.

If you talk to people reader, the overwhelming comment is the lack of a timely diagnosis, support and signposting of services from seeking a diagnosis, through the point of diagnosis and beyond.

Commonly there is a feeling likened to stepping off a cliff into a dark hole.

There is now a recognition of the importance of a timely diagnosis followed by post-diagnosis support, from the point of diagnosis, for the person living with Dementia and their family/carers.

The World Health Organisation has a Global Action Plan 2017-2015 for Dementia.

During the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Action Week, Dementia Alliance International announced the formation of the Global Rehabilitation Alliance.

The Centre for Economic and Social Research in Ireland have published a report on Post-Diagnosis Support for People with Dementia and their Carers

Although my wife and I, haven’t had support from the NHS, apart from my Neurologist  or local Council, which should be equal to that of other Chronic Diseases, we received important support and empowerment from the A Good Life with Dementia Course, from my friends and organisations on Twitter and from Voluntary organisations like the Alzheimer’s Society, DEEP UK, Young dementia UK, Dementia Cafe’s et all.

One thought on “Post-Diagnosis Support”

  1. Still far from ideal, especially for you and your wife, but it does seem like there is more discussion happening. (And I know – discussion needs to become action!) I hope overall, the situation regarding diagnosis and post-support care is looking at least a little better.

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