The Me Too Movement – Could there be something bigger

At the outset, let me say reader, that I totally agree with what #Me Too stands for.

Since it was begun in 2006 by Tarana Burke, Me Too has grown into a worldwide movement for universal equality for women and the end to sexual harassment.

But it could be bigger, I don’t know what it could be called, #One Voice, #Inclusion, #All together Now, I’l let you decide reader.

It may be the only way to bring about change, equality, rights and to ditch our labels

If we stop referring to issues as men’s, women’s, disability, poverty, equality, race, LBGT  et all and ditch the labels and just refer to specific issues that affect us all, speaking as one voice, six and a half billion of us.

It was reported recently that within 10 years, 99% of the worlds money will be owned by 1% of the worlds population, so instead of fighting separate campaigns for pay equality, funding of services, ending poverty et all, just have a campaign to end excessive pay, bonuses, pay offs and profits, inequality, discrimination and the enforcement of our rights et all.

After all we 99%ers are allowing them to accumulate their wealth through the ever increasing prices and costs that we pay, to promote inequality and discrimination and power over our lives.

It is reported that Cristiano Rolando will earn £73,000 per day at Juventus, that could feed 25,000 people in one of the poorer countries every day.

In the 2017 in the UK, the top 3 causes of death according to UK Government statistics were:

1: Dementia

2: Heart Disease


Yet Dementia doesn’t receive the same post-diagnosis support, services and funding as other chronic diseases, also in end stage Dementia, you may be sectioned under the Mental Health Act to access funding, why isn’t funding universally available as with some other chronic diseases.

Chemical Restraint through the BPSD model (Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia) and Involuntary Care are applied worldwide in Dementia. The symptoms are treated and rights of the person are ignored, instead of treating the cause and upholding our rights.

Research into diseases, looks for a cure, at the expense of the person and the profit of the drug companies. With Dementia and other diseases, how can you search for a cure when enough isn’t enough known about the cause and development of 100+ diseases under the Dementia Umbrella and other diseases.

How can a country provide Disability Benefits to help you live with your disability and then take them away because you are living with your disability.

Why is there torture, abuse, inequality, discrimination, pornification of society, image, sexual harassment and the many other issues that 99% of us face.

Continuing on the path we are on now, a 21st Century world of inequality, discrimination and labels will surely continue us on the path of a Mad Max, Dystopian future.

We have a right to a rights based future, where we are able to live our daily lives without fear, inequality and poverty, where respect and equality are the norm and we are all equal in all things.

May be it’s time men collectively grew a pair and joined with Me Too, making one voice, six and a half billion of us, to end inequality, abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment, et all, to end that Dystopian future looming over the horizon.

It’s time Governments and the 1% worldwide realised that everything in society must change and now be built upon our rights.

It’s time the six and a half billion stood with one voice, ditched the labels and said

Enough is Enough


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