Recently, I was back at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for the next part of the RADAR Alzheimer’s research study.

They had booked me a taxi and I got there in time for Grace to greet me and we went through to one of the research rooms.

After the usual questions and blood pressure, Grace took some blood for tests for the study to check different levels in my blood and checked any tablets left.

The appointment was three days early because of Bank Holiday Monday so I had 3 tablets left. I explained that I would prefer to have the appointments on a Monday in future so that I can manage my time better. Grace said that wouldn’t be a problem, all I needed to do was go back on Tuesday to check I had taken the last three tablets.

Another simple research appointment and once my Tablets arrived arrived from Pharmacy, I was free to go and I made my way down to the main entrance to wait for my Taxi.