In The News – May 2018

More than 50,000 patients avoidably admitted

Rail staff told not to help disabled passengers board if it makes train late

How to square the circle of social care funding

Are Dementia friendly communities the answer to isolation and stigma

Leading campaigner backs new Health Board Dementia Strategy

Survey of disabled members funds unacceptable discrimination within Labour party

Equality Watchdog considering legal action over rail access failures

Disabled people suffer unhelpful, exclusionary and abusive practices everyday

Dementia guidance launched to help rural people

A Dad with Alzheimer’s has been sectioned because a string of care homes say they can’t look after him

Ex-carer speaks candidly about how she copes with the Dementia that’s stealing her memories

Kamran Mallick: ‘I want to change the world for disabled people’

Dementia sufferers missing out on vital post-diagnosis support

Who are we to judge the lives that people with Dementia are living

Dementia write Wendy Mitchell tells Doctors to be positive

Explainer: how is frontotemporal dementia different and what are the warning signs?

Purpose built centre for Dementia

TUC Disabled Workers Conference: Government has created hostile environment for disabled people

TUC Disabled Workers Conference: UN convention must become part of UK law

Don’t call us sufferers, it makes us all lose hope

I am not paid or induced in any way to mention any articles and I do not necessarily support any comments, language or the use of specific words.

I haven’t included any articles about cures, as I feel they are misleading. Apart from the current medications, all recent clinical trials seem to fail by stage 3.

I have also excluded the eat this, drink that, do this to reverse Dementia type of articles. We are all different, so again false hopes and impressions do not help.

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