First time at my Local Dementia Cafe

Last Tuesday was my first visit to a Dementia Cafe at St Thomas More Catholic Church in Parson Cross.

On arriving I recognised someone from last weeks Alzheimer’s Society Cafe and I went to the counter, bought a Coffee, sausage sandwich and sat down at one of the tables, where I found some more people from last week.

One of the organisers, came for a chat and she explained about the cafe and the different activities they have. I filled out a contact form and a consent form for Data Protection.

Over the next hour we all had a good old chat and there was plenty of laughter.

Then it was time for the second hour, a Mother and Son Duo singing 50’s songs. We all enjoyed it but it was so loud and by the 3rd or 4th son I started getting pains in my Temples and back of my head so I said goodbye and lesft with a somewhat painful and foggy head to make my way home.

I did enjoy it and will certainly go again, some of us will also be meeting up at a DEEP UK meeting next month but I will have to be selective about the activities I stay for in the second hour so some weeks I will only be able to go for the first hour.

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