Last Monday, following my visit to the A Good Life with Dementia course, Alastair Jordan kindly drove me to York St John University to take part in my 4th Research study, this time, looking into the differences in mobility between people with and without Dementia.

Alastair Jordan

We started with a consent form and questionnaires followed by the usual cognitive testing, then it was onto the research itself.

To start with, Alastair had to put a lot of probes from my waist to my feet for the computer to pick up when I walked. Then I did a test walk to see if all was ok.


Once that was done, I did the main walk between two black lines, round a cone on each end, until Alastair had enough data.

Once the data is processed it look like this:


The white dots down my legs, showing where the probes had been placed.

The data also produces video of this, which can be compared between different participants, initially to see if there are any differences in our walking techniques. If they find that there is a difference, it may lead to different exercises, walking aids, footwear etc.

York Station

Once the test was over and Alastair had completed the paperwork for the research, he drove me back to York station and I made my way home to Sheffield.