Monday was the last session of the “A Good Life with Dementia” course in York.

The taxi took me to the station, then onto the train, which was late owing to the new timetables that started today. The sun was shining in Sheffield but as we passed Doncaster it turned foggy but by the time I arrived in York, the sun was out and then it was on in a taxi to the course.

Damian Murphy opened the session by asking for our opinions on a 5 Point guide he had drawn up to signpost the 5 most common things people struggle to access after a diagnosis (Attendance Allowance, Council Tax rebate, the rest I have forgotten for now), that had been highlighted during the course.

It was then onto a summary of each session, which we were asked our opinions on, Wendy Mitchell and Damian Murphy have written more detailed articles on the mornings events.

Normally I would make a few notes to remind me how the session went on my way home. However, as Alastair Jordan from York St Johns University had arrived, at the end of Mondays session, to give me a lift to his research study on Mobility and Dementia  at York St John University, by Today, the details of Monday are lost in the fog of Dementia but the positivity I gained from my time in York will remain even when the fog of Dementia leads me into tougher times.