No more the silent sufferers, we are the vocal fighters for our rights.

During Dementia Action week,  a move away from Dementia awareness  to Dementia action, to improve our lives and those of our carers with Dementia gained momentum.

Innovations in Dementia posted an article Time for Action, not just awareness

and Dementia Action Alliance posted Dementia Words Matter – A Call to Action

Tuesdays Global Rehabilitation Alliance Announcement from Dementia Alliance International heralded the arrival of a group of 14 worldwide organisations which will campaign for Post-Diagnosis support

On Wednesday the BBC programme The Toddlers who took on Dementia showed that small things can make a difference and that a person with Dementia can be involved in day-to-day activities and showed that inclusion doesn’t mean big budgets.

On Friday, Dementia Alliance International posted an article about Day 5 of the World Health Organisations Conference including a Video of Kate Swaffer talking about how things are and should be and in her Dementia Alliance International blog, gives a little more detail.

In January, Phyllis Fehr of Dementia Alliance International writes in a 2 part blog:

I am a Person with Dementia and I am a Person with Rights

Like it or not reader, our Rights and our will to be heard, not ignored. We are now taking our wish to live as well as we can to the Health Bodies, Institutions and Governments to bring about change. You may not agree, that is your right, as it is our right to heard,  listened to and for change for the better to happen.

No more Guidelines and Awareness, it’s time for Policy and Action

We have moved on from surviving to living – suffering to fighting