On Monday, as part of Dementia Action Week, I posted a blog called Dementia Action Week 2018 – Post-Diagnostic Support – A Human Right

Yesterday, Kate Swaffer of Dementia Alliance International, posted her blog about her experiences of getting a diagnosis and the Human Rights breaches she has experienced on her journey.

Kate, also mentions her Dementia Family, something I can relate to. Over the last few months on Twitter I have met some wonderful people who, through their support, ideas, information and encouragement have empowered me to live a life well with Dementia, who I also refer to as my Dementia Family.

They have also opened up many opportunities for me to get out there and be more active, to access courses, groups and write this blog, to name but a few.

It is also good to see the Alzheimer’s Society week change from awareness to action.

It may be a forlorn hope but maybe Governments will take the societies lead and change their guidance and soundbites into action, time will tell.

Perhaps Governments need to read again the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the UK’s Equality Act 2010.

Dementia is recognised as a Disability by the UN & World Health Organisation and was the biggest cause of death in the UK in 2017, with heart disease at No 2 and Cancer at No 3, yet services and funding of the No1 cause are no where near No 2 and No 3 and therefore, do not respect the rights of people living with a diagnosis of Dementia or their carers.

What do you think reader ?

I’ll just sign off with a big thank you to my Dementia family, not just for the way you’ve all helped me but the many others you have helped.