This week 21st to 27th May 2018 is Dementia Action Week in the UK and I have a challenge.

In the UK and around the world, there is little or no support at the point of diagnosis for Dementia compared with other Chronic Diseases.

Recently, I have travelled to York from Sheffield, weekly to the “A Good Life with Dementia” course which I have written about here A Rainy Day in York, which has been organised by Innovations in Dementia and Damian Murphy.

This course has opened up so many opportunities and has empowered my wife and I to live as well as we can with my Dementia. My only regret is that this course was not available to us last year when I was diagnosed.

So, How about it Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Corbyn, Vincent Cable,  The NHS, Councils etc, if you truly care about improving services, the rights of people living with their Dementia, and understand the benefits of cost vs savings and the improvement of peoples lives after diagnosis:


George Rook has posted an excellent article including a letter to his local MPs etc

If you need to find out more try Dementia Diaries or take some time to watch Peter Berry’s videos

Take up my challenge for Dementia Action Week 2018