Last Tuesday, I went to a Dementia Cafe run by the Alzheimer’s Society in Hillsborough Park in Sheffield. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wasn’t totally enthusiastic about going especially as Sheila had to work, so I had to go on my own.

Once I got there, I was glad I went. Everyone was welcoming and Jo Wallace from the Alzheimer’s Society was there so at least I knew someone. We sat round tables and it was soon full up.

There was no agenda, we sat round tables drinking coffee and talking about our experiences, learning about what other services are available locally. I didn’t have to worry about repeating myself, losing words etc as we were all in the same boat.

I was sat with a couple who had come for the first time and hopefully that enjoyed it as much as I did. Chloe from the Society came to talk to the 3 of us and we filled out a contact form each in case we had a problem and the organisers needed to contact someone and Chloe talked about what the society does and what they could offer us individually.

I’m glad I went, I probably should have gone sooner, but in the darker times last year, maybe, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. My only regret is that Sheila couldn’t come with me as it may have benefited her talking to other people caring for loved ones.

I will now look forward to going again and I will be meeting up with a few of the people I met today at a different Cafe near where we all live.