Today I started my first Web Chat with Dementia Alliance International, which I had to cut short because I was back at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital this morning, for the start of the main part of the Study.

After completing Part 2 it was time to move on to the main part of the study. The Taxi the researchers ordered was a few minutes early, which didn’t matter as traffic can be terrible in Sheffield.

On arrival, we were greeted by Grace and Emily the Research Nurses. As usual, they asked how I had been and if I had any problems. I had my bloods taken and my blood pressure checked before moving onto other testing.

While my daughter Evelyn sat in the waiting room, I had memory tests including one around remembering words and some cognitive tests to see if I could follow instructions among others, the rest I have forgotten.

After that, they gave me the tablets I was to take for the next 2 weeks, 25 mg for 1 week then 100 mg for the next week. The main difference is that I am now on the “Double Blind” part of the study which means I do not know if I am taking Losartan or a Placebo, then I sat in the waiting room whilst it was Evelyn’s turn to answer the Research Nurses questions.

With all the necessary tasks completed, we headed down to the main entrance to wait for our Taxi home. I will be back for Part 4 in 2 weeks time.