Continuing of from last weeks A Sunny Day In York yesterday I was back in York for week 5 of the “A Good Life with Dementia” course. This week I was trying out some new headphones to see if they would take away the background noises that can increase my confusion.

Week 5 was based around 6 different organisations around York that provides help and support for people with Dementia and their carers/family. At the start, they all introduced themselves and talked about the different ways people around York can access support and the types of information that was available.

One lady mentioned about a web site that was being developed which was like an online directory of services. The Gentleman sat next to me pointed out that he had never used a computer so he would not be able to access it and I pointed out that at the time of my diagnosis, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go searching on the internet and that it was only recently that I may have benefited from it.

A Gentleman sat next to me took issue with this, feeling that my wife could have done the searching but I pointed out that at that time my wife was unsure where to look for information and she was also dealing with other family and work problems at the same time after which he understood where I was coming from.

After the break we went into the main hall where the 6 organisations had set up displays and we were able to talk individually to the ones that were of interest to us which was a great idea as I firmly believe that face to face conversations have a greater long term benefit.

At the end Damian took me back to the station . The in ear headphones didn’t really work, I still has issues with noise, which combined with the stations being busy, losing direction weaving in and out of people made it a challenging journey both ways but I eventually found myself home.

Damian Murphy has written a more detailed account of  and next week is about rights.