Following on from the first part of the study Taking part in the RADAR research study., I have started taking the Placebo and checking my blood pressure daily.

I went to the Hallamshire Hospital to have an MRI as part of the study. Evelyn came with me as I was not sure how I would be after the scan, even though when I had one 18 months ago I was fine. The lady asked me if I wanted a blanket while having the scan which reminded me that when I had the SPECT scan last year, I was cold and for a while now I have been feeling cold even on a warm day.


The scan took about 45 minutes, it was more noisy than I remembered before and when it was over I went to sit up and became quite dizzy, which was something new and was a bit disorientating. The sensation only lasted a few minutes and once I felt ok we made our way home.