Today we spent the day in a rainy York. In the morning, we spent time at the “A Good Life With Dementia” course, run by Damian Murphy co-director of “Innovations In Dementia CIC” and “York Minds and Voices”, including Wendy Mitchell and many others.

I took my notepad with me to make notes but in the end I only had time to write down 4 things:

Learning and sharing as equals, Fantastic peer sharing, Beacon of hope and Very positive

We were there for just over 2 and a half hours and the discussions were so inclusive of everyone that time flew by and it reinforced my view that this is an invaluable resource for a person receiving a diagnosis of Dementia and their families.

Learning from your peers can certainly be a much better way of developing the skills we are all learning to try and live with our diagnosis of Dementia as the person and the family and a course like this you cannot simply be put in a text book as we are all different and we cope in our own ways but we can learn from each other

When I was diagnosed last year, as I left the Consultants room, I felt like I was stepping off a cliff into a deep black hole. This is no bad reflection on my Consultant, who has been very supportive, but on the inequalities of the system and funding. Had this course been available to my family and I last year it would have made such a huge difference to us in dealing with the diagnosis.

I would like to see this course come to Sheffield and the rest of the UK, with the support of Government, the NHS and local organisations and I hope that this will one day become the norm.


I have received a lovely email from Damian Murphy thanking us for attending yesterday. Attached to the email was a copy of the letter that he sends to everyone at the sessions outlining how the day went and summarising the conversation everyone had, proving that inclusion and support for all is at the heart of this course.


Wendy Mitchell has written a blog about Tuesdays session, which gives a bit more information:

Please have a look at this and at the other pieces Wendy Mitchell has written.