About the Forum

The Forum was established in April 1998 following a meeting of local residents who shared a common concern to ensure that local facilities were improved – against a background of derelict shops and a palpable fear of crime – focused on the needs and welfare of the wider community, incorporating improved youth provision and quality of life for the large elderly population.

Since its formal inception in October 1998 the Forum has engaged key stakeholders to bring about a positive change in the community. This has led to a number of important initiatives including: a major push to improve transport connections with regular bus services now provided for the community.

The employment of Community Learning Champions, a Health Trainer, a Healthy Activities Coordinator along with a Project Manager, has built up an engagement programme with the community covering topics such as training, community audits and community health and well-being projects.

Vision for Woodhouse and District Community Forum

“By 2025, Woodhouse will be able to offer opportunities for all to be healthy, educated and active by building on the strengths of an inclusive community in a thriving and prosperous environment”

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Address: – 2 Goathland Place, Woodhouse, Sheffield, S13 7TE.

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Phone: 0114 2690222

Email: mail@mywoodhouse.co.uk

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