US care homes over prescribing drugs for residents with Dementia

Mum has Dementia and now Dad’s dead she will have to sell her home

Designing a loved ones room in their Care/Nursing home

A Third of people with Dementia in England not receiving full care

Disability benefits assessors failing to meet Government’s quality standards

Dementia research must study care as well as I really hope he’s proud of me

I am not paid or induced in any way to mention any articles and I do not necessarily support any comments, language or the use of specific words.

I haven’t included any articles about cures, as I feel they are misleading. Apart from the current medications, all recent clinical trials seem to fail by stage 3.

I have also excluded the eat this, drink that, do this to reverse Dementia type of articles. We are all different, so again false hopes and impressions do not help.

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